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Summit Medical Group Branding Branding

Summit Medical Group Branding

Summit Medical Group Branding developed for the Summit Medical Group, a multi-specialty medical facility. The interlocking diamonds represent the segments of the practice working in tandem to provide the patient with the most comprehensive healthcare services. In addition to medical doctors, nurses and staff, the Group provides outpatient testing and diagnostic services, urgent care and behavioral health services amongst others. [...] Read more...
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Evermore Value Investors Branding Website

Evermore Value Investors

Splash Page Evermore Value Investors A branding project for a new mutual fund investment firm. The client wanted to show that the investment advisors at the company had many years of investing expertise. The stamp gives the investor the feeling of experienced money management, and the type treatment reveals the benefits of value investing. The logo was used on stationery, [...] Read more...
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Wharton Music Center Design Direct Mail

Wharton Music Center

Poster Wharton Music Center Materials for a gala fundraising event. Invitation, journal, posters, online email marketing for the event and also for the online auction which took place in advance of the event. This local music school is the place to send your child if they are serious musicians or just wanted additional instruction outside of school. Invite Read more...
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Summit Medical Group Promotions Promotions

Summit Medical Group Promotions

Poster Lecture Insert Summit Medical Group Promotions Brochure for the Plastic Surgery Center at Summit Medical Group. We used a series of illustrations throughout the brochure that promote a feeling of health and beauty without intimidating the patients. Corporate Health brochure designed as part of the rebranding at Summit Medical Group. The photos were chosen to give the corporate environment [...] Read more...
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Summit Educational Foundation Branding

Summit Educational Foundation

Summit Educational Foundation Logo developed for the Summit Educational Foundation, a fundraising group working for the Summit Public Schools. The logo symbolizes the strong link between the school system and the community it serves. Fundraising brochure for Summit Educational Foundation's endowment campaign for educational excellence. Their mission is to support innovative educational programs initiated by teachers and the school district. Read more...
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New Providence Business Branding

New Providence Business

New Providence Business Logo designed for the New Providence Business group. First we changed the name of the group from New Providence Business and Professional Association to New Providence Business. It was less cumbersome. Then we worked on taglines for the group. The interlocking rings represent the business community and their connection to the general public. The banner designs grew [...] Read more...
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Marigolds Branding Website


Marigolds Logo designed for a restaurant specializing in homemade dishes and tasty takeout. The name of the restaurant is a play on the owner’s name, Mary. The tagline reflects the new menu specials every day. We developed a simple landing page with clickable links allowing the visitor to see easy-to-read menu and to sign up for lunch and dinner emails. Read more...
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Summit Medical Group Gala Promotions

Summit Medical Group Gala

Summit Medical Group Gala Gala invite, journal, web banners, printed banners, auction booklet and several other pieces related to the gala event. The event needed a medical and festive feel at the same time. Banners Read more...
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Loft of Yoga Branding

Loft of Yoga

Loft of Yoga Logo developed for LoYa, a yoga studio with classes primarily for children. The logo was designed to feel fun and unique while appealing to kids and moms. Read more...
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Morgan Murray Website

Morgan Murray

Morgan Murray Website for a psychologist practice. Morgan Murray is one of the kindest people we know. He is understanding, helpful and generous with his time and feelings. We set out to make a website that was not only informational, but also showed what a capable, inclusive, and caring psychologist he is. Read more...
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